Problems with joining attributes on ArcMap

07-05-2017 12:05 AM
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I have an assignment which requires me to join attributes in a geodatabase with a csv table just like what is mentioned in this About joining and relating tables—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop . I have a matching key called CDE_BLK but I can't seem to find the matching key when I tried to join the gdb and csv table.

I suspect it might be due to the differences in data type of the matching key in both the gdb and csv table, where the matching key in the gdb is a Text and the one in the csv table is a Long.

I tried to change the CDE_BLK field to Text format in the csv file but whenever I add it into ArcMap, it will return to Long. Does anyone have any idea on how to make this work? Thanks a lot for your help!


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What happens if you save the CSV file as an .XLS file, and change the data type of the whole field as TEXT and save. Try joining again. Does the issue persist?

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