Print Service compatibility with WAB and EB

06-08-2023 01:38 PM
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I'm seeking authoritative information about the compatibility of custom print services and the print widgets in WAB, EB, map viewer, etc.  


Here is what appears to be the case according to our experiences, but I have not been able to find a chard, blog or references in documentation that will confirm if these are all true.

We have a unfederated ArcGIS Server at 10.9.1 with a custom Print service created in ArcMap.  We have this print service registered in AGO as our default print utility service.   

Separately, we also have a full stack ArcGIS Enterprise at version 11.1



  • Experience Builder cannot use a print service created in ArcMap and hosted on AGS 10.9.1
  • Web App Builder can use it
  • Map Viewer (new) can use it

Additionally, it looks like we can't publish a new print service to our AGS 10.9.1 with the current version of ArcPro:

BUG-000151319 for ArcGIS Pro (


If we are able to find a ArcPro 2.9 version and get a new print service published to AGS 10.9.1, will Experience Builder be happy with that?  Any links to EB documentation that talks about this would be appreciated.





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Hi Michael,

You can publish a custom print service from ArcGIS Pro to Server 11.1 with embedded credentials (Might be worth considering an upgrade to the unfederated Server):

If possible, publish as much as you can via ArcGIS Pro to ensure you have a firm grounding for support if you do run into issues with Experience Builder and print services in future. Further documentation on the Pro runtime can be found here:

Here's a useful document to check Geoprocessing tool compatibility across Pro versions:


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