Prevent a multiple address input from geocoding

07-15-2015 10:13 AM
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We have a few jobs that utilize our geocoding service. The issue that I am being presented is that sometimes the table that is used as our input includes an address with multiple addresses, that are not intersections.

For example, we might see in the input table address field "4700 South Lake Park Avenue, 1350-54 East 47th Place, and 1360-64 E. 47th Place"

The way our service is currently working, only the first address in the string is being matched.

The way I would like to see this function is for this record to be skipped or returned as un-matched.

Any ideas out there on handling this on the geocoding tool/service side? Ideally I would like to leave our input table (a view) as is, but I guess I could always adjust it so that we simply do not include this record in the input table. This behavior exists in the tool and also within the service published from this tool.


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