Portal identity provider ADFS - How can we access logs?

06-10-2020 04:17 AM
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Hi everyone,

We connect to our portal with ADFS. Behind we have AD et LDAP. Everything is working fine, but I was wondering how we can access SAML logs? I would like to know how can see logs on how token are used/consummed, how the claims are passed etc. I find the capacities for debugging a bit light.

We used SAML tracer but it's not enough for our IT department.

I also used the logs from portal, but even debug or verbose logs do not get me anything.

If anyone has an idea or advice it would be great.



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Hi Melanie Fournier‌,

Unfortunately, we don't have any other tools or logging on our end that could capture the SAML assertion/response in any more detail. Your best bet is likely going to be SAML-tracer (the Firefox add-in, not to be confused with Chrome's SAML Message Decoder), or potentially Fiddler. 

If you want to see which claims are passed during authentication, the Chrome add-on I mentioned above provides this.

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Sorry for the delay. Thanks for the complement of information.


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