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Portal for ArcGIS - Default group assignment

05-16-2019 11:02 AM
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We are allowing users to automatically create their accounts.   Is there a way to assign users to "default" groups?  I would all users to land in a group where they will have access to a limited set of data.  From their I will reassign them to their appropriate group.  It would be nice if when they signed in they had access to something - not just an empty portal.


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Yes and no.

Can you have users land in a portal group from creation that has access to resources that are not set to "everyone" and instead are protected to be viewed only by "group list"


Can you create a group with access to this content that auto-created users themselves can join to view the content?


I believe that this answer changes if your groups and content are secured by a domain controller.

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Hi John,

Thanks for the reply.  Ideally I would like the users to NOT have to join the group themselves.  This is an extra step that I believe would be confusing for many beginner users and would lead to more questions than necessary.  We have explored using groups secured by a domain controller however due to our network infrastructure, this isn't ideal either.  I was hoping there was a way that auto-provisioned users could be grouped together and then be assigned by an administrator their appropriate security rights (by group).

This is something that'd be really helpful for future releases.  I wonder if any other users would like this type of functionality too?



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Hi Andrew, 

It is not possible to automatically add members to a group when their account is created via automatic account creation.

This is a great suggestion - you should add this to ArcGIS Ideas‌!