Portal Collaboration Issue

09-24-2021 04:02 AM
New Contributor II
I would like to get some clarification about Portal Collaboration issues.
When we try to collaborate with shared services, and we make share of a service to the Guest Portal; we discovered by clicking on the Item Details that the first time we shared
a service, it released this URL: "https://amor.esriitalia.it/server/rest/services/SARDEGNA/ImageServer" and as you'll see, a REST SERVICE
But from the second time onwards it returns us this other of URL: "https://portalent.duckdns.org/portal/sharing/servers/19d935d0862e4c21946d207be38916a9/rest/services/...;
therefore a Rest Service hidden from the Proxy of the Portal.
So we managed the first time to do the collaboration, but from the second time onwards we could not understand the reason for the change and we would like to know more about this.
Could you kindly provide us with more information regarding this change?
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