Portal: Can I Join to a Feature Service

08-26-2019 11:52 AM
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Enterprise 10.6.1

I have published a map service/feature service from an EGDB to our enterprise portal.  The objective is to create a dashboard that consumes web maps based on the service.  However, after just publishing the service, I realized I may need an additional field.

This is the popup of my feature layer as it appears in the portal web map.  The percentPopServed field is calculated by python when new monthly data is submitted, and is based on the ClientCount divided by  Population ; I get Population from the ArcGIS online Living Atlas demographic data which I enriched to get targeted age data.  

I'd like to display the actual population count on pop up, in this case the population count is 4,620, which I can get from a table, feature layer, whatever.  The trick is, can I do this on the fly joining the data to the service and not create another layer?  Or is the only way for me to add a field and display the population data back in the EGDB feature class?

That should just about do it....
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