Polygon Feature Class Issue / Corruption?

05-02-2019 08:38 AM
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I am having issues with a polygon feature class, that a member of my organisation uses to add data to via ArcGIS connector and MasterGov software.

When I look at the attribute table for this layer in ArcGIS and scroll towards the bottom, I get the following error message..

Upon clicking OK on this error message and scrolling to the bottom of the table then back to the top, all the information in the tables cells disappears leaving a blank attribute table. However I can click on a record within the table and the map shifts its view to the records polygon and if I identify it with the identify tool, all the records information is still there in the "identify" box.

If I sort this attribute table , ascending then descending before scrolling through it, I no longer get the error message, but I now have approximately 50 records missing from the table, ( they are there with blank fields ) if I do not carry out the sort asc / desc.

Also, I have tried importing this feature class into a new FGDB, this again gets rid of the error message but it is only importing the records up to a certain point and not the ones which show as blank in the original table.

I have discussed this with colleagues and we are all at a loss as to what exactly has gone wrong and how to fix this issue.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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