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Ownership based access - web

10-06-2015 09:41 AM
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I'm considering ownership based access.

What will appear in the created_by field; the arcgis server user or the database user used when publishing the mxd?

Then what about custom gptools, where I authenticate with a token issued to a specific arcgis server user.

In the gp-tool i use a .sde file to connect to the feature class. I would expect that the database user in the .sde file will appear as creator here, even though some how I would want it to be the arcgis server user.

What I would want to is that all features would be tagged by the user originating from the token.

Any thoughts / comments are welcome


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Whats your Auhtentication Mode & Authentication Tier set as ? If the security uses Users and Roles from the AD Group and if the mode/Tier is set to Web then created by field in the feature class will be populated with username. Two prequisites is required for this

  • Enable Editor Tracking in Geodatabase and
  • In Feature Service enable the option Enable ownership based access control on feature 

For GP Tool I believe it should populate User id rather than ArcGIS Server Service Account

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Hi, the authentication mode is arcgis server authentication (built in arcgis server users) / GIS server tier.

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