Open Data- Unable to Hide Fields

01-17-2019 03:06 PM
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Hi Esri, 

In efforts to promote open data, we have recently been publishing referenced data * for our ArcGIS Hub open data audience. In doing so, we encountered issues when hiding fields that contain sensitive info. Below are more details: 

Publishing from Pro- 

When hiding fields in ArcGIS Pro and publishing the data as a referenced (live) service, the fields do not stay hidden. We opened a case with support (Case #02201567) which resulted as a bug (#BUG-000117563). 

The suggested workaround was to publish data from ArcMap instead. 

Workaround & Issues- 

In doing so, we had success hiding fields but when an administrator made schema changes (eg adding a new field with sensitive data) this new field was also populated in the service and Open Data (visible to the public). I understand that this is by design, but I would like to challenge that there are no safeguards in place for organizations that publish referenced data to their Open Data Hub. As a government organization it is our duty to promote transparency and always provide the most current data to the public. 

As a another workaround, we have had to create a SQL view to control this. In return this is an additional data-set /view and service that we need to maintain. 

Alternative Ideas: 

- When making a schema change flag the user that this is used in open data.

- Allow "Views" to be made at the Portal level for referenced services that way administrators don't need to manage an additional data-sets/services. 

If anyone has further questions, I would be more than happy to discuss them. 

Thank you, 


*Published to Portal as a referenced layer from an Enterprise GDB and collaborated using distributed collaboration groups to AGOL. 

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