One to many symbology

05-28-2017 12:42 AM
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Hi All,

Here is our case:

We’ve a community layer and a projects table. Each community have several types of projects and a community can have several projects of the same type. We need to apply symbology for all projects types implemented in a community including those of the same type. Please note that the community feature class and the projects table should keep separated and not merged in one layer as editing should be made only on the projects table.

What do you think?

Please check the screenshot below for more clarification.



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Basically the same question is being asked here: .

Do you know rawansaleh‌?  Do you two work together or is this for a class?

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I think you need to use "Using Unique values, many fields to display categories" see that link: Drawing a layer using categories—Help | ArcGIS Desktop

that will allow you to use two fields in symbology one for ministry and other for community field .