ObjectID increments 400 at a time

08-26-2014 07:31 AM
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These new forums are taking time to get used to. Forgive that I'm asking a question I almost certainly bet has been asked before; I can't find anything.

I'm Applying Edits via.  Flex and JavaScript REST calls to a PostgreSQL server.  Each group of added records will have congruent ObjectIDs  (1,2,3,4)  but the next addition will jump by 400  (401,402,403...).  and so forth.  I'm into the tens of thousands already for only a few hundred records.

I read somewhere back in the days of undergrad that this has to do with optimization by reserving groups. (Kind of like how some file systems spread stuff across a disk maybe?).

1. Can I adjust/disable this functionality?

2. Does it ever back-fill in the gaps?

3. If so, when does it do this?


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you can reset autoincrement column. In sql server, for instance, you can use DBCC CHECKIDENT (Transact-SQL) 

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