Not getting all labels when printing using the printing service

04-30-2020 03:59 AM
New Contributor II

We are having an issue with our print service. The issue is that when printing the map, the print service is able to print only labels that are visible in the current extent. If the user choose to print in a portrait mode, the result contains also some geometries from above and from below the area that is shown on the map in the application. These additional geometries (which aren't shown in the map, but are shown in the print result) has no labels (see the bottom of the screenshot). Is there any way to get labels printed for all geometries in the print result? We used to use standard print service with standard templates, now we are using our custom and in both cases there is this issue.

We are using the printing using the ArcGIS JS, version 3.

We are using ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7

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