Nginx (Reverse Proxy) and ArcGis Portal

03-24-2017 11:40 PM
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We are using ArcGis Server & Portal (10.4.1)

Have you ever tried to use Nginx and Web Adaptor with portal?

We have an internal url (https://portal.localdomain) for internal users and an external url ( for external users. 

Portal has a property called WebContextUrl. But it seems that it only takes one url.

When we set this property to external url, internal users are being redirect to external url instead of internal url.

Is there any way to use internal and external urls work together?

Thanks, in advance.

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I got my nginx proxy working (I am using 10.5.1 though). My question and resolution are here: 

I think that you need to fix up your DNS so that it resolves to the internal address within your LAN and to the public IP for outsiders. I use dnsmasq on my networks for this. It's far easier to manage than other DNS servers.

For example I have dnsmasq set to resolve names that live on my home network itself but to push those it does not know about out to the outside DNS servers. For example resolves for you out there to my Comcast public IP, but internally as but resolves via the outside DNS server to the public ip at my colocated server.

Hope this helps -- Brian