Need to change base table path on UNIX platform after creating .sd on Windows

09-05-2014 11:39 AM
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I'm working with an Amazon EC2 Linux instance running ArcGIS Server.  I have no way of connecting to it via ArcCatalog.  So, my .mxd has a local data source definition (e.g., D:\Data\file_geo.gdb).  When I change the data source to the unix path the data is also located at, the sd file will not generate since the path is not valid on my local machine (e.g., /gisdata/fileGDBs/file_geo.gdb) and that generates a red alert.


Is there a way to do a "disconnected" service definition, and if not, why?  On the ArcGIS Server Manager side, why is there no way to change the base table definition (or if there is a way I haven't found, how?).  Changing a path either ArcMap, ArcCatalog, or ArcGIS Server Manager should be a trivial capability.


If there is no workaround on the ESRI side, has anyone successfully created an instance of a shared Linux EC2 directory available via Windows 7?


Thanks in advance for your help.  Again, all I thought I needed to do is edit the base table definition string/path and I am extremely frustrated that this is not doable.  Why?


Thanks in advance,

Pete Vaziri

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Hi Peter,

You need to register your data source with arcgis server before publishing.

Checkout this video, deals with your exact scenario (around 3:00 minute mark) Registering file-based data with ArcGIS 10.1 for Server | ArcGIS Video

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Hi Riyas,

Thanks for the quick and helpful reply.  I was making the mistake (I guess) or thinking it could all be done on the server-side and not having to directly link a local directory reference with server directory reference prior to publishing.  I still would like to be able to change things on the server side should things change in that environment, e.g., adding a new disk and moving data to that disk without having to create links, etc.  There seems to be an unnecessary coupling between the local ArcGIS Desktop platform and the remote ArcGIS Server platform.  I understand that ArcMap is needed to create service components, but why is that umbilical have to be something permanently maintained?

I would like to basically be able to, as a Server Manager:

1.) move file gdb to another disk:folder

2.) select a map service

3.) change the map service data source (i.e., make Service Workspace database property value/path editable).

Seems like it should be a standard admin capability yes?  If not, why?

Thanks again for being able to address my problem.

All the best,


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