Need help with tokens and secured services

07-26-2013 06:26 AM
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I have been working on securing the content on arcgis server at my company.  I have a good understanding of the various options and configurations that are available (I've tested most of them and read all the security help documentation for server), and have decided to go with arcgis server built-in security.  The problem I think I am having is understanding how to properly use tokens.  I need to add secured map services and feature services from my arcgis server to my arcgis online site.  At this point, I would like to store credentials with the content being added so that when an individual logs in to my organization's arcgis online site and then opens a saved map, the secured content loads up on the map without requiring additional credientials to be entered.  Each time I have attempted this, it seems like the credentials are not being stored with the map service when I initially add it to my arcgis online content, because I am later prompted to enter credentials again when attempting to view that item's details or add it to a map.  I feel that I am missing something related to the use of tokens.

This is the first time I have had to manage security on arcgis server, so I could really use a basic explanation of to get them, and how to use them within the arcgis online environment.  Here is my current configuration:

User Store: ArcGIS Server Built-in
Role Store: ArcGIS Server Built-in
Authentication Tier: GIS Server
Authintication Mode: ArcGIS Tokens

My instance of ArcGIS Server is running on its own machine, and the web adaptor is on a separate web server.  Communication is over http and admin access is disabled over the web adaptor.

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There are a few steps that you have to go through:

1- Your REST end point will need to be accessible from outside your organization in order for users to access
from ArcGIS online.
2- You will have to add the secured services that you want to access on ArcGIS online as a new item.
As soon as you hit the tab key, after entering the secured service URL, you will be prompted to enter the username/password that has access to the resource you want to share.
Note: You have an option to choose "Store credentials with service item.Do not prompt for authentication."
3- Check this option and then also add any tags if you want to.
You will see a new URL for you map that looks something like "" after the item addition is complete.
4- Click on the "Share" tab and choose the group that you want to grant access to this resource.
The assumption here is that the users that you want to access this resource from ArcGIS Online are part of this group.
5- Have the users test the service.

Outside these instructions, then the users will pretty much always be prompted for credentials
I hope this answered your inquiry.

Good luck,
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Well, those were the exact steps I followed before posting this question last week, without having any success.  As of this morning, without any changes to configurations/permissions on my end, I went through these steps again and everything worked fine.  Thanks for the reply, I will consider the issue solved for now.
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