Near Me widget with map image layer

02-22-2021 04:22 AM
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Would anybody know whether the OOB Near Me widget will display features from a map image layer?

I shared a ton of layers as a map image because it allowed me to group them into classifications (Electric, Gas etc) and I have set up the Near Me widget to search the features in the layer and it finds the features, but it will not display them. Is this normal behaviour? We are reliant on the Near Me widget. Now I am thinking I may have to share the layers as a feature layer, which would entail a substantial amount of additional webapp customisation which I would rather avoid.

Any comments appreciated.

Thank you.

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The Near Me widget should work on Map Image Layers, but I have seen some issues with incorrect returns logged as defects for this function. Could you provide me with more details about your environment (versions, step by step workflow)

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