Multiline Label Created in ArcGIS Pro: bug with ArcGIS Online's Feature layers

03-09-2021 12:57 PM
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It is not the first time I create multiline labels in ArcGIS Pro projects destined to be exported and converted into Web Apps. It usually works, but in all previous instances, the items in questions were used as Web Map Images. I always use the Arcade Command TextFormatting.NewLine.

This time, I wanted to create a Multiline label for an Online Feature Class. Indeed, my App will allow user to create and modify features. However, the label is not respected. All the elements appear in one line when it should appear in three.

This is how it looks in ArcGIS Pro


This is how it looks in the Web App:


I am pretty sure that the probleme is the Feature Layer. Obviously, when exporting a Web Layer with a Feature Layer, you are obliged to also export a Web Map Image version. When looking at both in Enterprise through Map Viewer, the Web Map Image version was fine while the Feature Layer version showed the same problem.

The Web Map Image:


The Feature Layer:


Have I uncovered a new bug?

Thank you!

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Hey there Nicolas,

   That is an interesting find! I would recommend logging a tech support ticket which will allow our support staff to investigate the issue and log a defect as appropriate or troubleshoot it. If you already have a ticket open, please let me know what the number is, so that I can keep this thread updated with outcomes.

Keep on keeping on!
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