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05-03-2017 07:28 AM
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So we are about to migrate from 10.3.1 to 10.5 I would like to move our license manager to a different server. In anticipation of this I was wondering if it is possible to install licence manager 10.5 on the server we ultimately want to move to, while the existing 10.3.1 licenses manager is still running on the current server. That way when we are ready to do the full migration it is there ready to go and I can authorize all the 10.5 licenses on it. Is it even possible to also pre-authorize the 10.5 licenses with the newly installed 10.5 license manger before we upgrade all our products to 10.5? 

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Short answer is yes. I have a 10.3.1 and 2 different 10.5 LM's serving various needs so you can install the LM software as many places as you need.

Regarding a pre-auth I am not sure what this means? With ESRI either it's authorized or its not. Your only limitation here will be the number of licenses you have paid for.

If you have an unlimited ELA then it's simple and you grab whatever you need via myESRI site as a .prv (500 advanced desktop, etc.) and load the new LM. If not then it gets more interesting and maybe someone with recent experience can speak to this as I last did this 3 years ago but this is essentially the same workflow if you have an ELA but have limited licensing for extensions such as Data Interoperability.

Under individual license scheme (non-ELA) then you had to go into your existing LM, return the licenses to ESRI, wait 24+ hours for myESRI to update and process the licenses have been returned, pull down the licenses for new LM, load new LM. We schedule and plan rollouts ahead based around this due to some limited licenses for various extensions. Our workflow is letting people know that end of business on a Thursday users of the limited licenses will no longer have access to the tools until the following Monday. That means a single Friday where they do something else and ensures a working business day on ESRI end. Over the weekend we push a registry key update to all systems to divert to the new LM server. I come up in early (before most/all users) and pull limited licenses back down then load the new LM.

Have occasionally had an issue with licenses not being available again but that has quickly been resolved after a short phone call to ESRI and hasn't impacted work past noon of that following Monday. It may be possible to "pre-load" your new LM with limited licenses but that's certainly going to take a call to ESRI.

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Thanks Scott. 

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If you don't have an ELA, and it is a short term transition, but you want to get everyone pointed to the new before pulling the plug, walk with you customer service rep (local distributor) to see if you can get a handful of codes that expire maybe in 2 weeks, that you can authorize on the new.  Then get everyone switched over and tested before deauthorizing and moving the real licenses.   

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What did ESRI tell you to do to resolve the licenses not being available?

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This Esri Canada video is amazing at explaining this in detail:

Transferring an ArcGIS Desktop Concurrent Use License - YouTube 

See the attached word document for a summary of this video.

Esri also has this other documentation, but not as helpful as the YouTube video, in my opinion:

Transferring licenses from one License Manager to another—License Manager Guide | Documentation