Model works until published as a GP Service

11-14-2014 06:39 AM
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I posted this question a couple weeks ago in the general form and haven't received any replies so I thought I would repost to a more specific audience, I would appreciate any help I can get. I made a very simple model in Model Builder to write some basic summary statistics to an excel file that can be downloaded via a web application (see attached flow chart). The model runs fine as either a model or an exported python script.

Agreement Status Model.PNG

I published this model as a GP service because I would like to connect it to a geoprocessing widget that runs the model and automatically downloads the spreadsheet with a click of a button rather than it's current two step process (e.g. run script then click hyperlink in app for download). Everytime I run the GP service it completes "successfully" without actually doing anything. See results log below.

Agreement Status Model Error.PNG

All read/write locations are (1) referenced by UNC path and (2) are registered data stores with the GIS Server.

I realize that I can simply run the script on a task scheduler to keep the spreadsheet current and will if need be but I'd like to figure out why this isn't working and offer users the ability to access the latest and greatest on demand. Any help is much appreciated.


James Kellough

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