Map Viewer - Symbology/Label based on related table in 10.7.1

04-13-2022 09:22 PM
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I'm trying to display features based on a related table (last inspection date).

In ArcGIS Online and Enterprise 10.8+ there is the "FeatureSetByRelationshipName()" function which I could use in an expression to achieve that. However, I'm on 10.7.1 and this function is not available...
Is there an alternative way either to symbolize or to label features based on a field in a related table?



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Do you have the ability to join the table to the feature class? I'm guessing either that function or joining the table would be your best options, but if there are multiple related records per feature, I'm not sure how reliable a join would be to get the most recent one.

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Unfortunately, joining the table won't work because the data is live data and will be updated over time. Also there is a 1:N relationship between the data

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Hi Marco.

Small world. 🙂

I had a similar problem recently with the photo monitoring app with a feature class of monitoring sites and a related table for inspection records. My work around is to create a join (in original map viewer in ArcGIS online) through the analysis tab which isn't yet available in the new map viewer. The join is dynamic which is great. BUT, it does lock the schema so any changes to the schema then means you have to delete the join, make the schema changes and recreate the join. Which is a pain as I plan to base my experience builder on the joined view so users can easily see related records/photos and filter based on related table. I'd be really interested to other solutions as I imagine my schema will be updated over time. 

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