Limiting batch geocoding on a custom geocoding service

05-17-2017 05:07 PM
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Hello GeoNet,

Sorry, this might be a simple question... but I just want to make sure I'm understanding it correctly.  In order to limit users to batch geocode too many records at once which might strain our server if we have it publicly available, we just need to simply put the maximum number of records under Parameters when we publish the geocoding service, correct?

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You would want to reduce both the max and suggested, which would reduce the maximum amount of records that can be sent in one batch. However, this will not limit the total number of geocodes that the user can do, because they can send many batches.

Another way to limit the server usage is to reduce the min and max number of instances (SOCs). If set to 1, only one user at a time can use the service.

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@ Emily Lee 
It indicated the number of records ArcGIS server transaction limit,

If your Geocoding process requires less number of records as out put them make it less.

As in your questions this geocoding available to the public then if value high than some request takes time and server performance will some timing impact due to this values.

Monitor server and system performance and set an appropriate value to it.

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