Lag in response from the GeocodeServer

04-18-2019 11:54 PM
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Hi all,

I am using a GeocodeServer service published off the Classic locators from StreetMap Premium Dataset versioned 2018R3. The service is running in ArcGIS Server version 10.6.1. The problem is when I am using the findAddressCandidate or the geocodeAddresses endpoints after an idle time 30 minutes to an hour, the geocoding is considerably slow.

Geocoding from findAddressCandidate endpoint:

after idle time of 40 minutes: 60-90 seconds

after the endpoint has been called once: ~800 milliseconds.

What is the reason for this lag in the response when the endpoints are used after a brief period of idle time?

Thanks and Regards,

Lakshmi Kanthan.

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How is the service configured?  In ArcGIS Server Manager on the Pooling tab, do you by chance have the "Minimum number of instances per machine" set to something less than the "Maximum number of instances per machine"?  If so, the instances will get shutdown every 30 minutes (handled by the "The maximum time an idle instance can be kept running" property) and they will need to be restarted and warmed back up.  You should always set "Minimum number of instances per machine" equal to "Maximum number of instances per machine" for geocoding services.  You will also need to ensure you have enough memory on the machine to handle this.

Hope this helps.


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