Labeling feature service with 1000+ unique values

03-16-2017 06:40 PM
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I have a feature service being published from ArcGIS Server and being consumed in AGOL.  The feature has about 900,000 features, of which there are 1100 unique values (stores).  I want to symbolize each store chain by its logo, but dont want to have to choose each store's logo 1100 times.  We have the logos on a shared drive.  Is there an 'easy' way to do this?  Add a field in the database that contains the link to the jpeg or something along those lines?

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   If you have a field in your store data that has the common unique name for the 1100 store (i.e Lowes) then you can setup your unique value renderer based on that common field and you will be good to go.