Issues with data shift in Map Services within Enterprise 10.9

10-08-2021 02:33 AM
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We are writing with regards to an issue we have been facing with Map Services since upgrading to ArcGIS Enteprirse 10.9.

On publishing any vector data as a map service (be it from a registered database or a hosted service) there seems to be an issue with data shifting.

For example, you can clearly see that the boundaries of a map service published shifts when selected.



This issue is not specific to any data and occurs for all map services. This does not occur when the same dataset is published as a feature service. 

We even tested the service on JavaScript applications and face the same issue.

Is there any reason for this shift and is this a known issue with Enterprise 10.9?

We were previously using 10.5.1 and these issues did not occur. 

We also tested these services in AGOL on a blank map and faced this same issue.



Any thoughts on this would be of great help. All data is projected with Web Mercator Auxillary Sphere and we've tested this with datasets using other projections too. 
Feature Services from the same datasets do not face this issue.


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