Issues using simple postgres table as data store

02-23-2021 02:06 AM
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I'm publishing simple tables from postgres. I have added the postgres service as a datastore in ESRI Enterprise server via uploading an SDE file. Enterprise server can find the tables and correctly syncs layers for publishing as web feature and web map layers. I however have a few problems:

  1. One of the columns is of type 'Timestamp without timezone' yet Enterprise server does not give me the option of enabling time on the layer. Looking at the attribute types it sees it as 'Date' type.
  2. Attempting to view the attribute table data via the Enterprise portal returns quickly with 'Data error'. Enabling DEBUG logging shows nothing more than that an 'invalid query' is being made, but the database is not showing any queries at all. Loading the layer itself in the map viewer does work, and attribute data displays on click, for example.
  3. Loading the published layers in ArcGIS Pro is very slow. During the loading, the database store is idle with no long-running queries etc. Exporting the very same table as WFS via Geoserver gives fast loading so I don't believe it's a database layer problem.

Would anyone be able to help me here?

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Hey there Roger,

    Thank you for your questions, and sorry for the length of time it has taken me to reply. Reading through your post I had a few moments that made me pause. Is the standalone table within an enterprise geodatabase?

   Typically when databases are registered as a datastore, it is expected that the datastore is present within an enterprise geodatabase. If this standalone table is not present in an enterprise geodatabase, the backend logic required to conduct some of these operations.

Keep on keeping on!
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