Issue troubleshooting "Error handling service request : Server object extension 'featureserver' not found." error

10-26-2015 08:44 AM
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My server logs are completely full of messages that alternate between "Instance of service X failed to process a request" and then "Error handling service request : Server object extension 'featureserver' not found." immediately afterwards in the logs. I have tested and this happens when you load up the maps and don't even touch any widgets (just having the map loaded and checking logs at same time, it pops up into logs every couple seconds).

I've looked into whether people have had similar issues and surmised that it is related to drawing/editing/attribute table widgets or similar that try to access edit features but are blocked from doing so. Other fixes people have found are related to people removing the troublesome widget or updating settings, or ignoring the log entries. However since the log entries happen every couple of seconds continuously I don't feel that is an option.

However I've tried taking down widgets I think are likely culprits with no success. I did find that I can look and see which processes are making the calls but I don't know how to go forward with that information. Is there a better way of tracing what widgets/settings could be causing this issue?

Any advice would be appreciated,

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