Is there a way to fix DPI scaling in ArcGIS Maps for Powerpoint?

07-12-2018 04:37 AM
by Anonymous User
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I'm experimenting with ArcGIS Maps for Office (We're running Portal 10.6), hopefully for quite a lot of our users. And although the Excel workflow is easy, and intuitive, I'm encountering a few issues with Powerpoint: it's totally not scaling DPI properly.

We're running quite a few configs around the company, and both my machines either run a 4K display, or in the case of my laptop (a Surface Book 2) a more 3:2 oriented resolution. Regardless: still a high dpi screen, which uses scaling. Normally fine, though I really do enjoy vector tiles much more, obviously (not supported seemingly...).

Powerpoint is really really struggling in just the ArcGIS part for scaling... The window isn't even resizeable. Some screenshots:

Scaling in Powerpoint (not right, taken on Surface Book 2 on 175% scaling)


Excel on the same laptop, scaling same. Only off thing is the large titlebar.

Anyone familiar with a workaround (preferably without adjusting scaling; 3000*2000 resolution on a 13,5" laptop is silly!)

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