Is there a way to auto restart the map services?

09-04-2015 10:37 AM
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We have been facing some network and Database issue which resulted in stopping the map services. The recycling setting is currently set up as midnight after 24 hours. And health check setting is set to 30 minutes.

Is there a way for the services to start automatically without manual interference?


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​depending on the version of AGS you are using (the blog is 9.3.x), you may want to look at the toolset 

then to schedule, you can use OS scheduling for example.  Warning: if you are using a secure connection, the tool wants you to provide the username and password default you would have to hardcore this, but I bet there is a way to work with this. I gave not used it in an unattended (ie schedule to run at a later time) so I've have not worked out the details of that.

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