Is the server capacity to accommodate web services is based on physical or logical number of cores?

04-04-2017 01:06 AM
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Hi All,

We are trying to find the limitation for the number of ArcSoc.exe (generated when publishing services using ArcGIS Server) that can be accommodated in a server.

I would appreciate if anyone can hep me .



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Logical cores, but memory is your primary limiting factor. Processor generally comes into play more with GP than with Mapping Services.

Honestly, there's not a well defined answer here that's going to fit for every use case - it depends on:

a. The resources available on the GIS Server machine - both memory and processor

b. The type of services you're running (Map/Feature or GP or Image or...?)

c. Virtual memory and desktop heap allocation


The following documentation goes into depth:

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thanks Randall for your reply , I will read these documentations.

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