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Is the JRE a requirement for running webgisdr?

04-06-2020 11:52 AM
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Hello, all.

I tried to run the webgisdr utility on a separate server from our primary Portal and got an error about the JAVA_HOME environment not being set.  I checked the environment variables on our primary Portal and JAVA_HOME is not set there, but Java looks to be available from the Portal's install path ($install_dir\framework\runtime\jre).

We are setting up a disaster recovery configuration with primary and secondary Enterprise servers.  I read on this resource that the webgisdr utility could be copied and run from a different server than the server installed with Portal.

Java is not installed on the server we would to use to run the utility.  Is Java a requirement for using webgisdr?


Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.  Best, Dixie.

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Esri Notable Contributor

The DR tool does require a JRE to run. By default, it uses the Java runtime installed with Portal. You'll need to install Java on the machine you're moving the DR tool to.

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Thanks for the information, Jonathan.  Java is not mentioned as a requirement in the documentation referenced above. 

Thanks again.

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Hello @Dixie_MDavis,

I noticed this error as well when running webgisdr right after having installed ArcGIS Enterprise.
After a reboot of the server, it works.

Java is deployed with ArcGIS Enterprise and environment variables are set but a reboot is required to pick them up I believe.

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Hello, @NicolasGIS .

Thanks for your response, but I was attempting to run the webgisdr utility from a separate server that did not have any of the ESRI Enterprise software installed.  It also did not have Java installed. 

At that point I had not seen in the documentation that Java was a requirement to run the webgisdr utility.

Glad all worked out for you.  Best, Dixie.

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