Is it safe to delete these pgdata folders from ArGIS Data Store ?

06-08-2020 02:32 AM
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I have ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7.1 running on a server. I notice that the ArcGIS Data Store folder contains several pgdata folders:

Is it safe to delete the pgdata.9.3.12 and pgdata.9.6.8 folders?

I would like to delete them to free some space on the disk.

Thank you.

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@Rémy Gourrat,

Great question here. Those folders appears to be an artifact of the previous version prior to your ArcGIS Datastore upgrade. They might still play a role here, not 100% sure. So I would recommend working with esri support on this just to be sure. If it comes out that those folder are not needed, then I would recommend creating an Enhancement request for the ArcGIS Datastore software to auto delete those folders upon upgrade?. So you wont run into any disc space related issue. In fact, this enhancement was just introduced in version 10.8: ENH-000129247-Please provide clearer documentation on the disk space requirements when upgrading ArcGIS Data Store.

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