Is it possible to create a mmpk from a network dataset service?

12-13-2018 10:42 AM
New Contributor

So, I'm new to SDE database, and relatively green on creating mmpk's, though I've created many from a file geodatabase network. 

Here's my workflow:

1. Network is in SDE (including stops, junctions, line features)

2. I share it as a service in ArcServer 

3. I can connect to the server in Pro, and add the network to my map, but it fails when I try to create a mmpk. It tells me the layer type is not supported in runtime content: Map

So, the question is: Do I need to start over and share all the data (roads, stops, etc.) to the service and start "fresh" in pro, or will a network as a service not ever work to create a mmpk?

When I read a tutorial on creating a network service, it specified not to add all layers that participate in the network. Only the network dataset, but maybe that's not right, since mmpk needs all the data to be from the same source. 

Any help is appreciated. 


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