Is it possible add a condition (filter) on a feature service?

02-19-2015 02:15 AM
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I would like to publish a layer to a feature service but with a filter on attribute values, so that only some parts of the geodata is shown.


For example, consider a layer called Business Leads with an attribute called Name, with values like: Alex, Tim and Peter.


In this case I want to publish a feature service with layer Business Leads and add a filter for Alex, so that only his business leads are shown in the map.


Any ideas?

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Hi Johan,

The following link may be helpful:

Apply filters—ArcGIS Online Help | ArcGIS

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Thanks Jake!

However, those filters will not be saved on the feature service. In my exmaple above, Alex, Tim and Peter will still be able to see each other's business leads.
I guess I can add filter and maybe save it to three differnt web map's on ArcGIS online and share them individually to above users. But in our case, we already have a web application embeddd into our business system.

Anyway, I found one workaround and where I add a filter on the layers before publishing them. So, now I have three layers for the same data source but with three different filters. I can then, individually assign each layer to above three users in our web map application configuration. So, my problem is solved.

Another way would have been to implement the possibility add a condition against the feature service …on layers in a similar way as it is done on ArcGIS Online… in our business system’s layer configuration.  But we don’t have that today and that’s why I wanted to know if a condition could be added also on the service itself.

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