Is it be possible to restore a backup from a prior version?

10-16-2017 11:56 AM
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We are creating new VM servers and installing the latest and greatest 10.5.1. We are currently on version 10.4.1 with our physical servers. So could it be as simple as fresh install and restore from back up or would it be better to install 10.4.1 then utilize the backup and then upgrade?

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Did you use the WebGIS DR Tool to take the backup?  If so, the DR tool can only be used to restore a backup created using the same version as the deployment you're restoring to.  So if you took the backup with 10.4.1, you have to restore it to a deployment at 10.4.1.  There are a number of things to think about, though, before the restore:

  • Directories paths for Server - the target site for the backup will use the directories path from the source of the backup
  • Machine names if you have a multi-machine site - different machine names are not supported at 10.4.1, but you can restore the backup and add the machines manually.
  • Internal URLs, (privatePortalURL and admin URL).  These will need to be updated using the Sharing API and security/config operation for Server.