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Is ArcGIS Server connection with Oracle Instant Client encrypted?

09-17-2021 02:24 AM
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Hi everyone,

I am trying to figure out if the connection stablished between ArcGIS Server and Oracle Instant Client is encrypted or if theres is a way to do so.

The following article (Configuring Oracle Database Network Encryption and Data Integrity) mentions there is an encryptation taking place between Oracle DB and Instant Client, and that it is possible to set different algorithms of encryptation modifying sqlnet.ora file, I want to know if it is possible to do the same with the communication between ArcGIS Server and Oracle Instant Client? 

Is there such an encryptation between these two as if we are talking of http and https communication? If yes, does ArcGIS Server support it? 

Thank you!



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1st, I don't know the answer to your specific question.

I would like to share some thoughts though on low latency considerations for IT and ArcGIS Enterprise optimization.

1.  Any introduced latency to communication between applications and data stores is bad.

2.  Encryption and decryption introduces data manipulation and increases latency.

2a.  Suggest, instead of encrypting a single communication path from RDBMS to ArcGIS Enterprise you evaluate your entire LAN/WAN information protection and information assurance posture and choose the most limited data manipulation plan that meets your organizational goals without the "overhead" of individual connected resource encryption if you can.

Very generally speaking, firewalls, network hardware encryption and software security monitoring and encryption is not a GIS Enterprise's friend.  Quite required for overall information protection and assurance absolutely.  Impact to overall Enterprise GIS architecture and service performance.  Also absolutely.

Want to see for yourself?  If you have the resources, set up ArcGIS Enterprise in a secure isolated environment without any add on security components and measure the difference in performance compared to that most of us are constrained to use in a production environment.

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In general, ArcGIS Server simply relies on the underlying database client configurations for making the connections to databases.  The same client configuration that will work on a machine for ArcGIS Desktop will work on a machine for ArcGIS Server.

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