Images added with Enterprise Sites upload image tool have expiring tokens

04-09-2020 09:24 AM
New Contributor III

We are using ArcGIS Enterprise Sites to create help documentation for our various viewers and content.  In the process of doing so, we're using the image upload tool on our site pages:

Upload Image tool in Site pages Layout

We found that the images are uploaded with a token appended to the URL, e.g. " "

And eventually the token expires so that they no longer show up on the page.  Browser Dev tools show the portal returning a 498 status (invalid token) for those images:

Invalid token HTTP status for images

This seems like something that would have been caught before and that has a workaround.  Or our method of uploading can be changed so that it doesn't use tokens?

Has anyone else run into this issue or otherwise have ideas on how to mitigate it?

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