How to use Spatial Relationship "Relation" while querying any ArcGIS map server

09-22-2016 09:36 PM
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Hi All,

I need to query a map service based on a custom relationship "Disjoint". Understand that using spatial relationship "Relation" and shape comparison language we can achieve this. I tried spatial relationship "Relation"  with many combinations of shape comparison language but every time the result set remained the same which is not correct. To me it seems to be a bug in ESRI ArcGIS Server.

I am trying with

Spatial Relationship: "Relation"

Relation: "G1=!G2" / "FFFFFFFFF" / "TTTTTTTTT" / "G1 DISJOINT G2"

Geometry : attached in REST_FilterGeometry.txt

Screen attached.

Please share your insight/experience on this.

Thanks in advance,

Pankaj Roy

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