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How to resolve: "Your iframe is using HTTP and will not render in preview mode. Save and view your site to see your iframe."

12-11-2020 10:59 AM
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iframe issue.PNG

On a sites page I have created, when I navigate to this page in it's preview stage (not shared with the public), the content in the iframes I've added have those messages. However, both in the editing windows of the page and by clicking 'view page' in the editing session, the iframe content appears and loads (dashboards). I do not know what Save and view your site to see your iframe means beyond saving clicking save in the editing session, of which I have and nothing is resolved. 

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Sounds like you are using HTTP instead of HTTPS. Can you try serving the iFrame content through HTTPS instead?

I have seen this change display the content within the iFrame in a preview site as well as the live site.


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