How to read data from hosted feature layer programmatically

08-14-2022 02:34 AM
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I'd like to read the data in a hosted feature layer and store it in an external SQL database table. I'd like to do this programmatically through the use of a script. How should I go about doing this?


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Hi Stephen! The ArcGIS API for Python would be great for this use case. Here's a rough outline of how you'd read the data: 

  1. Get the hosted feature layer by item ID (gis.content.get)
  2. Query the hosted feature layer and return the query results in a spatial data frame. (arcgis.features.FeatureLayer.query)
  3. Store in your enterprise geodatabase.

You can see the Python API in action in these sample notebooks.

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Thanks a lot for your response. I'll look into the ArcGIS API for Python to determine whether it will solve the problem I have.

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