How to populate a field with a sequence / Accumulative value based on a value of another field?

04-22-2019 10:41 PM
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Hi ,

Is there any way to calculate field based on another field values with a sequence number and if we can make the process automatically?


For Example, I have a feature layer in AGOL with the following field in the attribute table (Defect ID, Defect Location), I need to calculate Defect ID based on Defect location.

In other words, If the value in defect location equal “M4 Bridge” then I need the Defect ID to be Bridge 001, bridge 002…ect, and if the value in the defect location equal “Road” then I need the defect ID to be HR_001, HR002..etc.


Is there any way to implement an Automate this?


Thanks in advance,


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