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How to Migrate Geoprocessing Services

11-11-2021 02:40 AM
New Contributor II

Hello everyone,

We are about to migrate ArcGIS Enterprise to a new VM. I will be using webgisdr tool for migration. Even though I've looked everywhere I couldn't find any information for geoprocessing services. I've backed up the arcgis server site using the backup tool as well. But I'm not sure if GP Services are included in that backup.

Currently, my Python scripts are contained in a VM local file directory and that directory is added as a data store in the server manager.

I'm wondering if GP services will be migrated if I use those two backup tools I've mentioned above. What might be the best approach migrating GP services?

Can anyone help me?

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Esri Regular Contributor

WebGISDr and the export site backup contain all published services (map image, gp, etc.).  You will want to make sure that same local directory is set up on the for the new Enterprise system, so ArcGIS Server can reference the files again after the restore.  

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