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How to get the apikey for Arcgis enterprise

03-17-2022 03:16 AM
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Hello every one, any one worked on esri with leaflet geosearch, I am going to use the search widget  with leaflet maps I used in my code an Apikey it works fine, but when I use it with offline enviroment

I can't get the Apikey  because there is no developer dashboard in ArcGIS Enterprise  to create Apikey.

what is the key equivalent to ApiKey in  ArcGIS Enterprise?

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From what I can tell, The API key is only needed if you are using ArcGIS Online services. You should be able to add services from ArcGIS Server without an API key. This does not seem clear from the documentation, though I think it is implied.

Leaflet Geocode Service 

The example here shows adding a map service from ArcGIS Server without API key 


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