How to download the setup file for ArcGIS Server

09-30-2021 04:11 AM
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I wanted to install ArcGIS server in my local machine. I was going through the ArcGIS Enterprise portal where I was able to see the steps to install it. When I went to MyESRI to download the ArcGIS Server  it gave me an error stating Unfortunately, you do not have access to the page or process that was requested.

Could someone guide me where I went wrong?. Do I need to pay for the ArcGIS Server


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Your organization should have purchased the license of ArcGIS Enterprise, and are under maintenance. 

Then, ArcGIS Server (ArcGIS Enterprise), can be accessed from My Esri, using login linked to your organization (with permission to download setup). 

How To: Download and install Esri software from My Esri

You could also reach out to your local Esri distributor for more information.

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Not everyone has "an organization" and not every organization is willing to pay for Enterprise. You can also pay for a developer subscription at $1800 per year.

I did this to get up to speed on ArcGIS Enterprise. For me it might have been worth it; I was able to do better in job interviews.  It's really hard to get low-level access to ArcGIS Enterprise and learn how it actually works without making a pretty substantial commitment of time and resources, especially if you are unemployed.

If I were sensible I'd be working as a Python developer, it pays better. But I really like GIS.


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