How to copy any service from one server to another

10-04-2015 10:13 PM
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Hi All,

We have ArcGIS server 10.2.2 installed on 5 servers along with one load balancer. Whenever there is a need to publish a new service or overwrite any existing service, currently we do it one by one on all the servers. Is there a way to publish/overwrite service on one server and copy it to other 4 servers?

Thanx in advance

Pankaj Roy

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I don't know if this will do exactly what you want to do, but you can copy services from one server to another - here's information on doing that:

How copy map service from one ArcGIS server to another ArcGIS server

You will probably need to start them manually; however, there's a tool you may be able to use, or at least re-purpose, that can start services automatically:

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To avoid manual job we developped this script/tool

eea/discomap.ServiceTransferTool · GitHub

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What an awesome tool!  Thanks for sharing.