How do I change Category names for Field Notes feature layer?

06-20-2017 09:01 AM
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I have created a Field Notes feature layer that I am using as a data collection method in a Geoform.

How do I change the "Category" names, so that when a user selects a Category from the drop down menu in the Geoform, it does not list the default Categories 1-5?

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Hi Collin,

I would recommend creating your own feature class with all the fields you need for the GeoForm.  If you need a dropdown, you can apply a coded value domain to the field:

Creating a new coded value domain—ArcGIS Help | ArcGIS Desktop 

You can then assign this domain to a field in the feature class:

Assign Domain To Field—Help | ArcGIS Desktop 

Finally, you can upload the feature class to ArcGIS Online as a hosted feature service.

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Hi Colin,

It is very unfortunate that ESRI doesn't know it's own products. I spent about 3 weeks of calling them and banging my head against a wall before I found the solution to the problem you posed!! And the only reason I found it was I had an "aha!" moment where I was like I don't think I pressed that button before, pure luck! The above comment forces you to recreate what has already been created by the Field Notes, which is just not necessary. 

So it's super simple but also terrible that for over a year no one could actually answer this question simplistically using the product the Web version of the collector app. 

Open in "Map Viewer" your "Web Map," that has the Field Notes -Hosted Feature layer, or you can just open the Field Notes Hosted Feature layer into a Map Viewer.

On the second line of the , you will see a the following options "Details", "Add", "Edit", "Basemap" and "Analysis."

Click on "Edit"

Then it gets a little clunky and tricky because like any GIS product there is unnecessary redundancy! Hold steady!

Click on the Point, Line or Polygon data you would like to change. Select "Manage" at the bottom. Here's the redundancy part that's annoying. 

You get to this point now you have to re-select the feature you wish to manage through the drop down menu. 

You will see each of the categories show up with small down arrows next to them. Select the down area next to the Category you want to change and select "Properties" then change the Category name to the name that is most useful to you. Select done, do this for all your points. Then press "Save Changes". Do this for all your lines. Then press "Save Changes". Do this for all your polygons, then press "Save Changes".

Now this will show up as saved in the Field Notes - Hosted Feature Layer and will remain no matter which map you add this too. 

I hope THAT helps everyone!! 


Kate Losey

Conservation Easement Manager 

Weantinoge Heritage Land Trust

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Extremely helpful post Kate, thank you for sharing.

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Thanks very much for this solution, Kate, I have been busted my head over the issue more than a year ago, and finally gave up trying to create that app. This year I decided to try again. 

The solution is simple, but finding it is ridiculously difficult. Byzantine might be a good way to describe it.


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I know this is a rather old post, but as I often consult older posts still and assume others do, I wanted to offer an alternate option to Kate's solution:

  1. If you navigate to the "Content" tab of the ArcGIS home site, you will see the various layers, maps, etc. you have created. Select the relevant one by clicking its hyperlinked name.
  2. This will open to the overview and description page for that layer, which doesn't look particularly useful, but you should see a second set of tabs/navigation menu to the upper right with "Overview" selected. Click "Data" instead.
  3. It will load to a table in a feature class (ie "Field Notes (Points)") showing you all existing entries of that class. There are two additional buttons on the upper right, just below where you selected the Data tab. It loads to "Table" - select "Fields" instead.
  4. In Fields, you can click the hyperlink for Category. 
  5. The page that loads includes Description, Field Type Values, Settings, and, most importantly for us, List of Values (Domain). Click edit and you will be able to adjust the number of Categories, the associated Code, and, as desired, the Label used to describe each category.

Note that existing layers and maps using this will not automatically update, so each entered feature in those will need to be edited with the appropriate Category reselected if there is already data in the layer.

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