Hosted Feature Layer View symbology not drawing in WAB

11-05-2019 02:14 PM
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I'm trying to create a Web App that uses a Hosted Feature Layer view. I can successfully create the Hosted Feature Layer View in Portal 10.7.1 and preview (figure 1 below)

                                                                                 (Figure 1: Hosted Feature Layerview)

I can successfully add the Hosted Feature Layer View to a webmap (figure 2 below)

                                                                        (Figure 2: Hosted Feature Layer View in Web Map 

However when I use Web App builder to create an app using the web map above the hosted feature layer view symbology doesn't draw (figure 3). If I open the attribute table there are features present and I can zoom to the location of each feature and expose the popup (figure 4).

                                        (Figure 3: Hosted Feature Layer View Symbology not drawing in Web App Builder) 

                                       (Figure 4: Hosted Feature Layer View features visible in attribute table and with popup)

Is this a known issue ? or having I missed something fundamental in how to use hosted feature layer views ??

Any help appreciated.



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Hi Clinton,

Is there any error/messages in your browser's debug window?


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One thing I have noticed is that when Enable Sync is checked in the Hosted Feature Layer Settings of the parent layer, the Hosted Feature Layer View exhibits some strange behavior.  Adding or deleting data will be reflected in the View's attribute table but won't be shown on the map. It's like the data is there but the map doesn't update. This also causes widgets in WAB and Operations Dashboard to not function properly. 

We can't turn off Sync even if we wanted to on some of our layers that are being updated by third party software (WebEOC) through the ArcGIS REST API. These are the layers I noticed that behavior occurring. Whatever their script is, it automatically enables Syncing and creates a Replica on the service. I've tried unchecking Enable Sync on these layers but the script will somehow turn it right back on when the updates occur on 1 minute intervals. 

Try checking to see if Enable Sync is checked on the parent layer of your view and if turning it off will solve the issue. I would like to see this issue resolved by ESRI if that is the case. Our workflow described above requires Sync to be on and we have to create views to allow access to view the data by the public but not allow them to edit the parent layer. 

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