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Hosted Feature Layer or SDE published to a Portal Federated Server Question

02-19-2020 09:51 AM
New Contributor II

The ArcGIS Solutions that you can easily access from PRO use Hosted feature layers and Views  in them.  But this raises some questions that hopefully someone with a little more knowledge can give me some insight.  Is it better to continue to use the hosted feature layers as deployed in the solution or to replicate in my SDE databases and publish directly to my Portal federated server?  I am not moving large amounts of data back and forth and editing the data not an issue.  I know this is not a strait-forward answer and really may be situation dependent but just trying to get a feel for what is working for other folks.  In most (all)  cases I am modifying the schema of the deployed solution to work with my data.

Is anyone using Hosted feature layers if they have access to a server and if so for what?

Thanks for any insight and have a flipping fabulous day.


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