Hide attachments in map service

02-20-2018 03:13 AM
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I have a SDE layer with attachments 

When i publish  it as map service  the attachments are automatically included,  but i would hide them to the public.

is it possible to hide the attaachments  ??

I triend in mxd , in map service properties but i foudn nothing ...

Thank you


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Create a Creating a query layer—Help | ArcGIS Desktop off the base table, using essentially all of the attributes, and publish it as the map service. This is essentially a database view, albeit without the "Attachment=true" attribute that the original feature class will have as viewed by ArcGIS server. The query layer will not add any new tables to your SQL, and it will always be in "sync" with the original table, but won't show the attachments. No one will know....