Having Issue on Registering Feature Service With SQL Server Instance Installed on External Machine

12-23-2016 01:18 PM
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I am trying to publish a feature service from ArcMap 10.4.1 and I need to Register the Map with SQL Server (sde)which is installed in a machine outside of our network. I have all authentications , instance and database name but I am getting this error:

"Failed to connect the specified server. Do you want to continue? Failure to access the DBMS server"

Can you please let me know is it possible to connect to a SQL server database which is installed out the network? and why I am getting this error?


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How you troubleshoot an issue like this depends on one's level of IT comfort/expertise and how much access one has to install software on the machine.

This really isn't an ArcGIS issue, it is a SQL Server issue.  I suggest you read the Steps to troubleshoot SQL connectivity issues MSDN blog post.  The blog post is a bit dated, but the overall message and steps are still valid.

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Use IP Address may help if the server is not on the same domain.

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